The Trailer Project Crowd Funding – Plan B

When I embarked on this project I had no idea what to expect, whether it would be well received and everyone would want a piece of it, or if it would be a hard sell and a slow burner. So far it has been the latter and I would love to get some feedback from those of you who have pledged so far or have looked at the page and decided not to.  What did you find appealing about it or what does it lack to inspire you to pledge your hard earned cash?

It’s a tricky project to pitch, especially when no one really has any cash to spare on altruistic projects such as this, and maybe equity crowd funding would work better than reward based funding. My intention was to connect directly with my customers, who would be basically putting a down payment on future purchases, or for booking the trailer for their parties or event. Does this come across clearly in the PleaseFund.Us page?

However we still have 2 weeks of the campaign left so let me know if there’s anything I can do to make it more appealing, I’m hoping its like Ebay and everyone wait to the last minute to bid!

In the meantime, business must go on so I have to think of plan B.

Plan B is basically how to I get this trailer into existence in case the £9k from the crowd funding doesn’t materialise.

The answer is slowly and resourcefully.

I’m thinking there is a 3rd type of crowd funding. Make use of skilled friends and contacts who you know can help make a project happen, not financially, but by contributing their vocational skills.

Instead of raising money, I’m raising skills.

I takes longer to convert a trailer piece by piece; instead of  giving it to one company to do the whole lot I’m going to need to source metal workers, electricians, scenic painters, carpenters, and generally imaginative nutters who would want to help build this fabulous trailer. It then becomes a project with personality and stories.

I like this idea.

I have already make the first step.

I have bought the trailer itself… it was love at first sight; I wish I could have the same success in meeting a man! But she is a lovely one, really clean and well maintained, we bonded instantly.

So now the hard work beings…slowly turning it into this…


Actually the real first step is when I pick it up on Tuesday…I’ve never towed a trailer in my life. Slightly terrified to say the least.

Stay tuned for the next installment. And do please let me know your feedback on the crowd funding page.

Thank you!!!


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