The Movember Broadcast

I know…before you say it, there was no October Broadcast. I have no explanation so don’t ask me why. Moving swiftly on.

First and foremost and without further ado. It is November 1st which means its Movember!!! Possibly my favorite time of year where men are men and women are women, I know that goes for rest of the year as well, but I do love a plethora of facial hair and ruggedness from our more hirsute fellows. Personally I’ll lay off the Immac and see how the ladies slimline version stands up to the chaps. Its not a good look but it is for charity. Mo Sistas play a big part in the process …

I conjunction with the ‘tache activities, Bell & Brisket is debuting at Kerb Kings Cross, every Monday of the month, and we’re offering a 50% discount for all you MoBros out there. Just flash your profile on your phone as proof of your MoBro status.

Also, I’ll be trialing a new product. Actually two new products, starting this weekend at Harringay Market and Mondays at Kerb

One is a bespoke Black Rye bap, which will be replacing the sliced rye. Its bloody delicious and looks amazing as well. Using this bread I’m going to be offering a limited edition of Bell & The Beast – A hybrid sandwich of Ox Tongue, Salt Beef, Pickled Cabbage and melted cheddar. Its mega. There will only be about 10 portions so first come first served. Photos will be uploaded next week.

In other news…

The trailer, yes don’t forget the trailer, the project is still on going and watch this space for up coming developments. Hoping for a new year launch of the B&B wheels. There will definitely be a party, so prepare yourselves. Not sure how, just be ready. For a party. Or something.


So this is how the calender is looking for November, if you’re out and about in the big smoke this is B&B’s whereabouts so far:

Every Sunday @ Harringay Market

Every Monday @ Kerb Kings Cross

Nov 17th @ Camden Town Brewery

Nov 22nd @ The Gherkin – (New Kerb Venue)

Sat 1st Dec @ Camden Town Brewery (my birthday, you ALL must be there)

Thats all folks. Over & Out. Toodle Pip


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