Pickle of the week.

I’ve decided that 2013 is year of the Pickle. Which means I’m pickling everything in sight, beef, veg, you name I’m pickling it. Stand still long enough and you’ll be covered in brine and stuffed in a jar.

Due to the fabulous produce on offer at Harringay Market, where we trade every Sunday, I’m going to produce a different pickle each week, made from some of the incredible Bio-dynamic vegetables available from the Perry Court Farm stall. They are organic, seasonal and harvested less than 24hrs before being delivered to the market.

In this weeks haul I’ve opted for Jerusalem Artichokes and Fennel. I think because of the distinctive flavor of the fennel, it’ll work well against the nutty crunch of the artichokes. I hope. You’ll need to pop in to Harringay next weekend to see how they turn out!


Planning ahead, I’ve ordered some brisket from Deborah who runs the Marsh Produce stall, she’ll be bringing me some of her best Sussex beef which I’ll then brine for several weeks before serving on Salt Beef Sundays @ Harringay Market.

See you next week!

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