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Our Food
Great bread, amazing salt beef, crunchy pickles, tangy mustards, spicy sauces and blow torched cheese.
We have the luxury of being able to use small artisan producers who care passionately about their product and make our own ingredients too.. This means our product is therefore is as good as it can be. Our beef is Irish Hereford brisket, hand brined for us in Northern Ireland using seaweed as a salt alternative, therefore reducing the sodium content and honey instead of the usual suagr . Our pickles and sauces are all made by us. Our bagels are the old school, Jewish style, boiled bagel. Our black rye buns are baked by Carmellis, they look and taste fabulous.The resulting sandwich is pretty epic. Just take a look at those pictures…


It’s a very similar process to making ham. The beef brisket is cured in a brine solution of salts, sugar & spices for several weeks, and then cooked very slowly until it’s is soft and juicy. Traditionally served sliced on rye bread with a pickle and mustard it is a classic with a great heritage in old East London Jewish salt beef bars.

Remember it’s #BetterThanABurger


We love to work with other great products & brands who compliment The Brisket, and our friends at Square Root provide us with their home brewed seasonal sodas that we serve on tap.