I could have been Jessica Ennis…

I can hear anyone that knows me now, sniggering into their pint.

I am fully aware that these days I am more pork belly than six pack, but I’ll have you know there was time when I was a running, jumping type person. I never committed to it, but you just ask my mum. There was a very embarrassing school sports day, many moons ago when she was asked to present the awards to all the winners. It was a kind of Zara Phillips / Princess Anne moment except that I won practically every category and had to shake my mum’s hand about ten times and then clatter home with a pile of engraved silverware.

Ok, so I was 12 at the time. But my point is, that I look at Jess Ennis as she romps home with the Gold, making it all look so damn easy, and I think to myself “what if I’d gone for it?”.

I reckon I had a bit of a talent back then but if I’d have stuck with it, gone down the athletic route, where would I be now? Would I be a Dame Bel, sitting up in the BBC box with my muscle defined shoulders, commenting on Jess’s amazing achievements and harking back to the 80’s when I myself stormed home to Gold.

Probably not…I’m not sure if its nature or nurture that has given me the body of an upside down Weeble Wobble, or maybe too many white bread & crisp sandwiches over the years. It’s got to be in the genes, and I don’t mean my size 12s from Topshop, but there is no way my body was ever cut out for streamlined lycra wear.

Still, it will always be one of those questions I’ll always ask myself, and kick myself slightly for not giving it a go.

Make sure next time you see me, check if I’m wearing a sports bra, then challenge me to race you to the other side of the car park. Oh yeah! I’ve still got it going on. Might snap a hip or two in proving it, but sod it, I’ll go for glory one more time!

In case you didn’t notice this post was nothing about salt beef, but as I write I am sheltering from the rain under my stall at Harringay Market on an Olympic Sunday, and contemplating what my life could have been if I hadn’t eaten all those sandwiches aged 15. So there is a link.

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