Happy New Year!


2014 turned out pretty damn good in the end! Its definitely paved the way for 2015 where we plan to make our next steps into a fixed premises, its time to make the leap.

In the meantime, with slight awareness of a Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars moment, I want to thank everyone who’s been involved and supported us so far, all our fabulous customers who fortunately like lots of meat in their lives;

The Dukes Head for letting us squat in their kitchen for over a year and really establish ourselves more than ever before,the love runs deep my friends.

Kerb for being continuously amazing at giving us the best street food trading locations in London;

Toby at Broadgate Market gave us a short but very sweet time in a fabulous location, now the foundations of some massive skyscraper—I buried  bagel there as a memorial to the market;

And of course to all my gang who have worked so hard for me for so little return! Charlie Whatley...the don of the Dukes Head Kitchen, and who’s photos are in the video (not the crap ones, they’re mine);

Craig Ballinger for some exemplary catering and writing skills & Pel as always for being totally unhinged;

James “I’m vexed” Otton,  Joe “I spent the night at the Dukes” Toal. Noura “works her arse off” Al-Salem

And Nick Vadasz for clearing up after me most of the time. x

Oh and Time Out for all the attention they’ve given us this year, amazing. x

So here’s a slide show! The really good photos are by Charlie Whately , the really bad ones are mine. please excuse that and the cheesy music.

Happy New Year.


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